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aAprina Acres Boer Goats

Kimberly Liefer, Oregon

“We have been raising Boer Goats for about 6 years now. After using ZooEasy for several years, it has made my life so much easier especially keeping all types of records. Including breeding records, expense records and the different breeders we have come in contact with.  ZooEasy is just that VERY EASY…VERY USER FRIENDLY AND VERY COST FRIENDLY.  I would recommend this program to every type of animal breeder.  Thank you for making life easier.”

Irish Pig Society Ltd

Siobhan Luff, Secretary, Ireland

“The Irish Pig Society Ltd has chosen to purchase the ZooEasy database for the first Irish Herdbook of rare breed pigs in Ireland.

This programme is suiting our requirements very well and with the excellent training received from the ZooEasy team we are rearing to go!

We would highly recommend ZooEasy for their professionalism, easy to understand and practical data base applications, and resources that are available to us, making our experience stress free and exactly what was required! Thank you!”

Australian Shepherd Club

Doris Knoester, Nederland

More and more dog breeding associations use ZooEasy Online for their administration. Doris Knoester is the manager for the Australian Shepherd Club Netherlands (ASCN). “With ZooEasy we now have a nice tool to analyze and register all the data.”

Great references
The club has joined ZooEasy in 2011. Doris Knoester: “We were using GSC Datamanager, but we were looking for a complete package that would give us more certainty for the future regarding the continuity and development of more functionalities of the database.” Doris then asked other breeding associations for more information. “From the start I liked the way ZooEasy looks and it had great references.” The ASCN uses ZooEasy mostly to monitor the health data of the dogs, like DNA results and hip researches. Doris Knoester: “It is also nice that the program calculates all the kinship and inbreeding percentages.”

As the manager, Doris Knoester is responsible for the settings of the program and she is the intermediate between ZooEasy and the club. As a preparation, she followed the course of ZooEasy Online: “In the beginning I was reluctant: I didn’t want to do anything wrong! In practice it was better than I expected. It is really user-friendly.”

“A good preparation is essential”
Doris Knoester has an important tip for associations who like to start with ZooEasy. “A good preparation is essential. Which data would you like to report and what should it look like? We have experienced that with double registered dogs and nests in our old database. If you have to correct that afterwards, it is a whole lot of work. ZooEasy has helped us a lot with this.”

Dutch Kune Kune Society / Herdbook Registration Kune Kune Foundation

Eddy van Dijk, Netherlands

“Just like the “Bonte Bentheim” pig, the Kunekune pig is a rare breed in the Netherlands. Kunekune pigs originally came from New Zealand, where they have always lived with the Maori. “Kune Kune” means “fat and round” in Maori language.

In 2005 we have imported 4 different bloodlines to Holland. At this moment we have 10 different bloodlines in the Netherlands.

The Kune Kune Vereniging Nederland (Dutch Kune Kune Society) has been established in June 2008. Since 2009 the society has been entitled by the British Kune Kune Pig Society for managing and emitting pig pedigrees.

This year the Dutch Kune Kune Society has decided to purchase ZooEasy Online software. When we first began the herd book registration in 2009, we started out with Excel to create a Dutch pedigree layout. In the beginning this was sufficient, but it was a very time-consuming task, because all information had to be added manually. We were getting more and more orders, so it was time to automate the process. This way we could simplify herd management and reduce the possibility of making mistakes.

In 2010 we started to investigate a synoptic, user friendly program for herd book registration and finally we have chosen ZooEasy. This program meets all our needs, like inbreeding calculations and the possibility to add trial pedigrees.

The software hasn’t been activated for our members yet. We have to transfer all our data first and we will start online on the first of January 2012.

So far we are very pleased with the user friendliness of this program and with the ZooEasy help-desk team for their excellent support and accompaniment.”

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