Calculations automated again

Calculations automated again

Date: November 12, 2018

The process of calculation in ZooEasy has been updated. This means that the following calculated data is displayed again:

  • Inbreeding, Breed and AVK percentage for an animal
    • Relationship percentage in a combination
    • Calculated fields of an animal

A new feature is that the recalculation occurs soon after a change has been made. The calculation is now placed in a queue, and depending on the number of requests, the field is calculated faster. So, the recalculation can now occur much sooner, rather than at night, as it did previously. If it is quiet, you will see the results almost immediately. If major changes are made to a breeder, or an association has a large database, it will take a little longer.

Another advantage is that the text [Recalculate] is no longer displayed.

As a user, do I have to set up or change something for this?
We have implemented the change automatically, so you do not have to do anything.