Downloads and manuals

Here you will find all downloads of ZooEasy, including manuals and release notes.

Downloads and manuals

Click on the link below to download the file you need.

Because of some major updates these last couple of months these manuals are a bit outdated. We are working as hard as we can to make new manuals available as soon as possible. If you are not able to find your answer here, please send your question to our support.

Before you start reading the manuals, it’s good to know that they use general descriptions. If you read ‘Animal’, you can translate this for yourself to ‘dogs’, ‘birds’, ‘rabbits’, etc. This can occur with other specifics as well.
Secondly the manuals can describe all features of ZooEasy Online. Some parts are not included in the standard package. Feel free to skip these parts.

Roadmap Importing Stand Alone data in Online
Do you currently use ZooEasy Stand Alone? Read here how to import your database into ZooEasy Online. (Import Version 13 will follow end 2017)

ZooEasy Online Manual – Quick Manual
Have you just started with ZooEasy? We help you to get on your way quickly with this quick manual. Take a look at the screenshots and start your 1.0 tour through ZooEasy Online.

ZooEasy Online Manual – Designing report templates
Create your own templates and use these when you save or print files in your own layout. Set your font, font sizes, pictures, watermark, headers and footers and incorporate this in your template.

Release notes ZooEasy Online Version 2.4.50
In this document you will find the release notes for the latest update of ZooEasy Online

Example Reports ZooEasy Online
Examples and Template Reports for ZooEasy Online. Caution: download starts directly after clicking the title.