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The subscription can be payed when you login to ZooEasy Online and click “My subscription data”. There’s multiple ways to pay, but the system will not accept debit cards.


ZooEasy is fully digital. We chose for all the payments to be digital too. After payment you can download the invoice of your subscription through “My subscription data”. The invoice for any modules and services will be send automatically after payment.


No, it will not. When you create an account you get an empty database to fill. You will have to do this yourself. It is however possible to join a breed association that uses ZooEasy Online. Then you will be able to access their database so you won’t have to start from scratch.


  1. Login to ZooEasy Online
  2. Click the menu “My subscription data”
  3. Click “Change subscription”
  4. Click “Multi User subscription”
  5. Click “Save”
  6. Follow the instructions for payment


First you have to create a Role. You can do this by following this road map:

  1. Management
  2. Base tables
  3. Roles

Here you either select the role you want to adapt or you choose to Add one (top blue bar). Make sure the settings are the way you want them to be.

When you’ve done that you’re ready to create an account. Follow this road map:

  1. Management
  2. Tab Accounts
  3. Tab List
  4. Add (top blue bar)

Now you can add the user by selecting from your contacts by clicking the three dots next to “Number:”. Or when they aren’t in your contacts yet you can simply add them by entering the Email-address.

Select the role you have just created/adapted/checked. And hit Save on the top blue bar.

An email will be send automatically to the new user with a password. It could be the mail ends up in the spam folder, so when the user says they have not received anything make sure they check all their folders.


It’s very likely that pop-ups are blocked by your browser. This way it looks like nothing is happening, while actually ZooEasy is showing a problem with your entry. So it’s important to allow pop-ups for the site, so you can see what the problem is.

We wrote a blog about this too recently, or try Google search to find the specifics for your browser.


Here’s how to download your invoice:

  1. Go to and login
  2. Click on “My subscription data”
  3. Click on “Invoices”
  4. Select the year you want to download
  5. Click “Download” to download your invoice.


First check the SPAM folder of your mail provider. Because the mail contains an Internet link it is possible that the mail ended up in the spam box for security reasons.
Some mail providers capture the mail before it reaches your mailbox. Then you will not receive the mail at all. GMX is an example of this. In that case, you can use a different email address when you create an online administration at our website. With an email address like Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail, you will get the mail with the link you can use to request you password.


We have no notice when you would like to stop with ZooEasy Online. You don’t have to take action, but just stop paying your subscription. This will end automatically at the end of your subscription period. It’s a pity though. We’re sad to see you go.


Yes, you can! Directly add more animals to your own database when you’ve completed the payment. You will continue with your own data. Just go to the menu My subscription in ZooEasy Online and change your subscription. You might have to logout and login again after completion to see the changes. Thanks for joining us!


Before the treasurer can pay the subscription fee you need to make preparations in ZooEasy Online. These preparations consist of the following steps;
1. Log in ZooEasy Online.
2. Click at the menu My subscription data.
3. Click at the blue button To extend. You see this button at the right corner of the newly opened screen.
4. Please choose the correct extension (1 month / 1 year).
5. Click Proceed.
6. Check the treasurers personal information or the information of the person that is going to pay, or fill those details.
NB; Fill in the ‘Email’ the email address of the treasurer or of the person that is going to pay..
7. Click Pay.
You will now be redirected to a screen DocData with payment options.
8. Under “2. Select payment option” you choose Bank transfer.
9. Click Continue, the payment instructions are now shown for the transfer.
10. Check the box before the sentence Email me these instructions and check the email address that is filled beyond. That should be the email address of the treasurer or the person that is going to pay..
11. Click Continue
Now the payment instructions are sent to the treasurer by mail.


If you would quit ZooEasy or let your subscription expire, the database will be deleted automatically after 1 month. You will always get a personal message when your subscription is expired.

Tip 1: export your data before you’ll quit ZooEasy Online. This way you can always keep your own records.
Tip 2: has your account expired accidentely? Please contact the helpdesk as soon as possible. Together we will set a date to reopen the database for one day. This day you can export your data or extend your subscription.


The horizontal scroll bar shows up when you click on one of the visible tabs. You can recognize it as a thin gray bar. You take this bar with the mouse button (click at the bar with the left-mouse button and hold the button down) to scroll to the desired tabs. Don’t wait too long because then the scroll bar disappears again.
Tip: when you use Safari as browser you won’t see the horizontal scroll bar at all. In that case you better use Firefox as browser.


You probably have renewed your subscription at the day before your subscription expired. In that case it might happen that the transfer of your subscription fee lasts for a few days. Your administration will be blocked until we receive your subscription fee. After that your administration will be available again so that you can login and work with your administration again.

Tip: renew your subscription a few day before the expiration date. Then we receive your subscription fee in time and keep your administration accessible.


The search function ‘Own animals’ filters and shows animals based on the entered owner of an animal. The result is that deceased animals and animals which are no longer in your possession , but where you are still registered as an owner, are shown.

So it is important to keep your records accurate. When an animal dies, delete your contact number from the field ‘Owner’. When you sell an animal, change the contact number in the field ‘Owner’. The search function ‘Own animals’ only functions optimally if your administration is up to date.


The first part needs to be executed by the manager of the Administration:

  1. Click on the menu My subscription data
  2. Click, on the top right of the newly opened screen, on the blue button To extend.
  3. Make your choice for the right extension of your subscription (1 month/1 year).
  4. Click on Proceed.
  5. Check if the personal and/or invoice information is correct of the person who will pay the subscription, or fill in the details.
  6. Click on Pay.
  7. Select the option Bank transfer in the menu “You are paying with”.
  8. Click on Continue. You will now be shown the payment instructions of the bank transfer.


This will show a unique payment reference. It is import to add the payment reference to the field ‘details’ of your bank transfer. If the payment reference is missing or if it isn’t correctly entered, Docdata will not be able to process the payment. This payment has to be completed within 7 days.

This screen also shows a field where you can provide an e-mail address. If you tick this checkbox and fill in the e-mail of your treasurer, the treasurer will receive an email with payment instructions.

Click on the link more information to read more about bank transfers.


  1. Click on Continue.

The treasurer will be informed by e-mail about the payment that needs to be done. The treasurer, or the one who has received the e-mail, should do the payment by bank transfer in accordance to the sent instructions.

10. You will now return to My subscription section of ZooEasy Online.
11. The extended subscription will be visible in ZooEasy Online and is waiting for the
12. You can find the invoice of the subscription as PDF in the menu Invoices once
payment has been processed. You can download the invoice, send it to the treasurer and add this to the bookkeeping.


More information:

Bank transfer

  • Introduction
  • How does a bank transfer work?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Costs of bank transfers
  • I’m a customer. What should I do to start a bank transfer?
  • How does docdata payments handle your bank transfer?
  • More information


A bank transfer is a payment made entirely offline. Due to the relatively long duration of the bank transfer and the high risk of errors, the bank transfer is not very suitable for the internet. Yet the bank transfer is still widely used on the internet, mainly because it is a known and trusted method for consumers.

How does a bank transfer work?

The bank transfer is a payment method where the buyer has the initiative. The buyer orders the transfer of money from his account to that of the seller (or third party who is authorized to receive the funds). This can be done by telebanking software or by filling out a transfer form and send this to his bank. Many banks also offer the possibility to order the transfer of money by phone.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • A bank transfer is a safe method, because the buyer does not send data over the internet.


  • A bank transfer is an offline payment method, which takes a relatively long time before the money is received and the seller can deliver it’s goods.
  • A bank transfer is a payment method that is prone with errors. The buyer must .copy the data exactly right and fill in the form, which can easily lead to errors.

Costs of bank transfer

A bank transfer by a transfer form is free for individuals. When the buyer orders a transfer by phone, the bank can charge these costs. These costs vary by bank.

I’m a customer. What should I do to start a bank transfer?

To start a bank transfer, the buyer needs to have a bank account and transfer forms. These forms can be obtained from your bank and are generally free of charge.

How does docdata payments handle your bank transfer?

Docdata payments processes your payment. This means that docdata payment receives your money and pays it to the shop owner where you bought something. When docdata payments receives your money, the shop owner will be notified. You won’t notice this. The only difference is that you will need to mention the account number of docdata payments on your transfer forms. This number is displayed when you will chose for a bank transfer to complete your transaction.

More information

If you would like to know more about docdata payments, you can contact the Business Service Desk of docdata payments which can be reached at For more information about bank transfers you can contact your own bank.


You probably only entered this animal today. The inbreeding percentage is calculated per animal by night, every night. Tomorrow you will see a percentage with this specific animal.

However, there is a possibility that tomorrow (and the days after) the term ‘Recalculate’ is shown. In that case the inbreeding percentage can’t be calculated due to the fact that, somewhere in the pedigree, an animal appears as it own ancestor.
If this error occurs in the parents/grandparents/great-grandparents of the animal check the pedigree of the animal. In that pedigree you will soon see which animals appear as their own ancestors.

If you can’t find the error in the pedigree you send a mail to ‘’. In that mail you ask us for instructions on how to detect the animals that occur in their own pedigree.


Your account needs to be connected to your contact number. Send a message to ‘’  with the request to connect your account to your contact number. In this mail you mention the contact number and contact name to which we need to connect your account to. Please check this carefully before you send the mail. We only execute this connection once.


In the screen ‘Index data’ of an animal you see the term ‘Breed %’. This field contains the percentage of a specific breed the animal belongs to. The first 3 positions form the abbreviation of the breed. If the abbreviation of the breed in the base tables is not entered, this is shown by three asterisks. The breed percentage is calculated per animal by night, every night.

If no percentage is stated but the term ‘ Recalculate ‘ is shown, the percentage will be calculated the following night. The following day the calculated percentage is shown.


First you create an Online administration for the species that is most important to you. You import the data from this species from ZooEasy Stand Alone in ZooEasy Online. We have a roadmap to help you with this.

Now ZooEasy Online contains the data of your most important animal species you have two options;
1.. You take one (or more) additional ZooEasy Online subscription (s) in which you import an animal species per administration.
2. You contact the helpdesk. We discuss the possibilities and the next steps with you.


It is possible that multiple administrations are present at the server, waiting to be loaded. At the end of the import process you receive a number related to that queue.

Another cause may be the amount of photographs and/or documents in your administration. The scale of your administration can be another cause. Next to that your internet connection can also play a significant role. If the connection is somewhat slow it takes longer to upload your administration.


I’m following the roadmap importing Stand Alone database in Online. At step 4.4, I have saved the file in a certain folder. If I go to step 7.7 and try to find this folder, the file doesn’t exist. What to do next?

Possibly your database is so large, that the file couldn’t be saved by the program of ZooEasy. Luckily, we have another solution. This is the ‘new step 4’.

Step 4: making the ZooEasy Online file
1. Go to Windows explorer (press the buttons with the windows flag and ‘e’ at the same time)
2. Search in the left part of your screen for the C-disk and click it once.
3. Search for the folder ‘ZooEasy’ and click it once.
4. Click on the folder ‘ZooEasy v12’. At the right of your screen you now see several folders and files.
5. Search for the file ‘Repair’ and doubleclick it. Now the screen ‘Database Maintenance’ opens.
6. Click on ‘Export to Online’. When this is finished, you will receive a mention.
7. Click ‘Ok’. Now you will find the file ‘’ in the right part of your screen among the other files.

Now you can proceed with step 7.7.


Clicking on the link ‘Email the administrator’ sends from the newly opened window, about the shown record (animal/breeding pair/contact/result), an e-mail with url to the manager of the administrator. Depending on the subscription type (Forever Free / Single User) you could be sending the e-mail to yourself.

By using this e-mail functionality please be aware that you are not sending e-mails to the ZooEasy Online helpdesk!

If you wish to send an e-mail to the ZooEasy Online helpdesk, containing an url on a record you have got questions about,
please first send an e-mail to yourself or the manager of your administration through the ‘Email the administrator’ functionality
and then forward that e-mail, uring your regular e-mail program, to the ZooEasy Online helpdesk!



For amounts less than 1 Euro credit card is offered as payment option only. This has to do with provisions which are to be paid to our payment provider. For payment options other than credit card, fixed fees are charged which are just less or just above 1 Euro. For credit card payments we have to pay a percentage of the final fee.


The Multi User version has more features than the Single User program, especially for the possibilities to add extra accounts. These features will be automatically added to your role once your changes are registered (after payment), but will be visible to the user when you logout and login again. The Multi User version allows you to login with multiple accounts at the same time. That makes it perfect for groups of breeders, like herd books and associations. The Single User version only allows 1 account to login to ZooEasy.


Follow this roadmap to import your current ZooEasy Stand Alone files to your new Online database: Roadmap.

It’s important to know that ZooEasy Online works differently from your current Stand Alone program. This means that you can’t import all the files directly. In this article you will read which files can’t be imported and which files you must add manually: Import your files in ZooEasy Online.



In order to avoid complicated calculations must be performed to calculate the rates for the new accounts, the accounts can only be purchased again when the subscription is changed or renewed. In the menu My subscription you can find from which date you can order new accounts. Do you need your accounts on a shorter notice? Please let us know, we’re here to help you at the ZooEasy Online helpdesk.


You can’t change it yourself, but we like to help you if you are the registered admin of the administration! Send us an email with your current administration name and the new title. We’ll change it for you.


Forever Free is almost the same as the payed subscriptions. But there are a few differences. ZooEasy Online contains an import feature. This feature is not available in Forever Free. If you upgrade to a paying account of ZooEasy Online, this feature will automatically be available (after payment). You will have to login and logout again to get all features.

Forever Free is limited to 25 animals. (You can add an unlimited amount of animals to a paying subscription).



When you already have created an administration, or if you’re registered as the manager of an administration, you can’t apply for another administration with the same email address on this automatic form. We did receive your request. You can contact the ZooEasy Online helpdesk for more information.


This is how you can request a new password:

  1. Click on this link:
  2. Fill in your email address, that you used to create the account
  3. Click on “Forgot your password”. You will receive an email with a link to the email address you have used.
  4. Open the email. Click (once) on the link. The login window will open again, but at the same time you will receive a new email.
  5. Close the new window.
  6. Open your second email. This contains your new password.
  7. Now you can login with your new password. Have fun!


New fields aren’t visible by default. You have to add these to your role: go to menu ManagementBase tabelsRoles and click on the role that links to these fields. Click on the newly created options and click on Save. The roles still aren’t visible, because your authorization is determined before you login. Now logout and login to start a new session and the new fields will be available.