Link ‘E-mail the administrator’ does not work?!

Clicking on the link ‘Email the administrator’ sends from the newly opened window, about the shown record (animal/breeding pair/contact/result), an e-mail with url to the manager of the administrator. Depending on the subscription type (Forever Free / Single User) you could be sending the e-mail to yourself.

By using this e-mail functionality please be aware that you are not sending e-mails to the ZooEasy Online helpdesk!

If you wish to send an e-mail to the ZooEasy Online helpdesk, containing an url on a record you have got questions about,
please first send an e-mail to yourself or the manager of your administration through the ‘Email the administrator’ functionality
and then forward that e-mail, uring your regular e-mail program, to the ZooEasy Online helpdesk!