I can’t find the file ToOnlineDatabase.zip.

I’m following the roadmap importing Stand Alone database in Online. At step 4.4, I have saved the file ToOnlineDatabase.zip in a certain folder. If I go to step 7.7 and try to find this folder, the file doesn’t exist. What to do next?

Possibly your database is so large, that the file couldn’t be saved by the program of ZooEasy. Luckily, we have another solution. This is the ‘new step 4’.

Step 4: making the ZooEasy Online file
1. Go to Windows explorer (press the buttons with the windows flag and ‘e’ at the same time)
2. Search in the left part of your screen for the C-disk and click it once.
3. Search for the folder ‘ZooEasy’ and click it once.
4. Click on the folder ‘ZooEasy v12’. At the right of your screen you now see several folders and files.
5. Search for the file ‘Repair’ and doubleclick it. Now the screen ‘Database Maintenance’ opens.
6. Click on ‘Export to Online’. When this is finished, you will receive a mention.
7. Click ‘Ok’. Now you will find the file ‘ToOnlineDatabase.zip’ in the right part of your screen among the other files.

Now you can proceed with step 7.7.