I consult the detailed data of an animal. The inbreeding gives the term ‘Recalculate’ instead of a percentage. How can I recalculate the inbreeding percentage of an animal?

You probably only entered this animal today. The inbreeding percentage is calculated per animal by night, every night. Tomorrow you will see a percentage with this specific animal.

However, there is a possibility that tomorrow (and the days after) the term ‘Recalculate’ is shown. In that case the inbreeding percentage can’t be calculated due to the fact that, somewhere in the pedigree, an animal appears as it own ancestor.
If this error occurs in the parents/grandparents/great-grandparents of the animal check the pedigree of the animal. In that pedigree you will soon see which animals appear as their own ancestors.

If you can’t find the error in the pedigree you send a mail to ‘supportonline@zooeasy.com’. In that mail you ask us for instructions on how to detect the animals that occur in their own pedigree.