Payment: how can I do a bank transfer?

The first part needs to be executed by the manager of the Administration:

  1. Click on the menu My subscription data
  2. Click, on the top right of the newly opened screen, on the blue button To extend.
  3. Make your choice for the right extension of your subscription (1 month/1 year).
  4. Click on Proceed.
  5. Check if the personal and/or invoice information is correct of the person who will pay the subscription, or fill in the details.
  6. Click on Pay.
  7. Select the option Bank transfer in the menu “You are paying with”.
  8. Click on Continue. You will now be shown the payment instructions of the bank transfer.


This will show a unique payment reference. It is import to add the payment reference to the field ‘details’ of your bank transfer. If the payment reference is missing or if it isn’t correctly entered, Docdata will not be able to process the payment. This payment has to be completed within 7 days.

This screen also shows a field where you can provide an e-mail address. If you tick this checkbox and fill in the e-mail of your treasurer, the treasurer will receive an email with payment instructions.

Click on the link more information to read more about bank transfers.


  1. Click on Continue.

The treasurer will be informed by e-mail about the payment that needs to be done. The treasurer, or the one who has received the e-mail, should do the payment by bank transfer in accordance to the sent instructions.

10. You will now return to My subscription section of ZooEasy Online.
11. The extended subscription will be visible in ZooEasy Online and is waiting for the
12. You can find the invoice of the subscription as PDF in the menu Invoices once
payment has been processed. You can download the invoice, send it to the treasurer and add this to the bookkeeping.


More information:

Bank transfer

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  • How does a bank transfer work?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
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  • I’m a customer. What should I do to start a bank transfer?
  • How does docdata payments handle your bank transfer?
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A bank transfer is a payment made entirely offline. Due to the relatively long duration of the bank transfer and the high risk of errors, the bank transfer is not very suitable for the internet. Yet the bank transfer is still widely used on the internet, mainly because it is a known and trusted method for consumers.

How does a bank transfer work?

The bank transfer is a payment method where the buyer has the initiative. The buyer orders the transfer of money from his account to that of the seller (or third party who is authorized to receive the funds). This can be done by telebanking software or by filling out a transfer form and send this to his bank. Many banks also offer the possibility to order the transfer of money by phone.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • A bank transfer is a safe method, because the buyer does not send data over the internet.


  • A bank transfer is an offline payment method, which takes a relatively long time before the money is received and the seller can deliver it’s goods.
  • A bank transfer is a payment method that is prone with errors. The buyer must .copy the data exactly right and fill in the form, which can easily lead to errors.

Costs of bank transfer

A bank transfer by a transfer form is free for individuals. When the buyer orders a transfer by phone, the bank can charge these costs. These costs vary by bank.

I’m a customer. What should I do to start a bank transfer?

To start a bank transfer, the buyer needs to have a bank account and transfer forms. These forms can be obtained from your bank and are generally free of charge.

How does docdata payments handle your bank transfer?

Docdata payments processes your payment. This means that docdata payment receives your money and pays it to the shop owner where you bought something. When docdata payments receives your money, the shop owner will be notified. You won’t notice this. The only difference is that you will need to mention the account number of docdata payments on your transfer forms. This number is displayed when you will chose for a bank transfer to complete your transaction.

More information

If you would like to know more about docdata payments, you can contact the Business Service Desk of docdata payments which can be reached at For more information about bank transfers you can contact your own bank.