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Breeding birds made simple with ZooEasy

ZooEasy the favourite software of bird breeders

Bird breeding software

As a bird breeder you want to spend as much time as possible with your birds. ZooEasy will help you do that. Login and easily keep track of your data. This will give you an amazing amount of insight in health, performance and inbreeding in your animals. It's much easier to determine breeding couples, while you keep a lot of time to enjoy and take care of your birds. Breeding made easy thanks to ZooEasy.

Bird breeding software

Suitable for breeding all bird species

Our program is suitable for every breeding novice, expert, hobby and professional. And luckily it’s not difficult at all. Keep track of all your birds and improve your breeding results by learning all you can about your winged friends. Save information about their appearances, show results and more. Make your own pedigrees and print out this information if you sell your bird. You can keep track of every kind of bird in your database, including:

  • Budgies, parakeets
  • Canaries
  • Zebra finches
  • Parrots
  • Finches
  • Siskins
  • Gould Amadines
  • Lovebirds
  • And many other bird species


Register every single bird

With our software you can register all important information about breeding your birds. Start by enteringĀ all basic data, including band number, gender, date of birth and colors. Also select the parents of the bird for a better insight into bloodlines. You can follow unlimited bloodlines; this is useful later, when you select breeding couples. The program automatically calculates inbreeding percentages of young birds in new nests. Our software offers many other features, such as pedigrees, results at bird shows, registering all health information and keeping track of your contacts.

Creating a pedigree

With ZooEasy you can create your own pedigree of 3, 4 or 5 generations of birds. The pedigree can show the color of the bird, the birth date and the inbreeding percentage. If you’ve saved a picture of your animals, it will show that on the pedigree too.

Stud book for associations

Vogels 2Associations or work groups use our database product to register all the members birds in one central location. The board members can see and change all the data. Normal members have a personal login account and they can only see the data, so that they can make the best choices for their breeding.

Try ZooEasy for free

Are you a bird breeder, then choose ZooEasy now to register your animals. Try how easy it is yourself by registering now and getting the first 30 days for free.