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Interview with Gelson and Marcos of Clube Angolano de Canicultura from Angola

Interview with Gelson and Marcos of Clube Angolano de Canicultura from Angola

Date: September 11, 2020

Marcos and Gelson are in charge together of Clube Angolano de Canicultura (CAC). Marcos is director and Gelson is deputy director. They breed German Shepherds themselves and they do so with great passion! The club makes no distinction in dog breeds, any dog breed can join CAC. Marcos: “We register all dog breeds and we think that each breed, with its own character and behavior is special. That’s what makes the dog world so fun and interesting!”


Who is CAC?

CAC is a non-profit organization that focuses on supporting and encouraging responsible breeding. This is to ensure the preservation of the various existing dog breeds. They currently have 45 members. “We are a new club and we want to start doing dog shows in a few months. That’s one of our goals. Another goal is to provide training and workshops for our members to share with them the best exercises and techniques for dogs” – says Marcos.


Why did you choose ZooEasy?

Gelson continues: “We were looking for different solutions and did a lot of research to find the right party. We found ZooEasy in Google searches, tested it and found it interesting enough to continue our project together. Thanks to ZooEasy, we can register dogs, owners and breeders, print studbook certificates and manage inbreeding. Because of this, we can make statistics with a lot of information about the dogs.”


What does the future look like?

“We see a very beautiful future ahead. We want to get purebred dogs in our country, and it’s only a matter of time until most people get to know CAC and become members!”