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Introducing our new co-worker, Julia!

Introducing our new co-worker, Julia!

Date: September 20, 2023

Another welcome addition to the ZooEasy team, Julia has recently joined our ranks! She introduces herself below:


Hi! I am Julia, 25 years old and recently graduated as Bachelor of Sciences in Animal Management. I have always loved animals and loved taking care of them, in any way possible. This started as pet care and developed into choosing my study. In my studies I mainly focused on protecting animals, focusing on legislation, policy, and improving living conditions. With the thought of wanting to contribute to an animal-friendly and sustainable world.


Since this starts with healthy animals, working for ZooEasy is right up my alley. I will be working on a variety of tasks as a project employee and am looking forward to start applying my knowledge and passion into my work. Apart from my love for animals I also love spending time in nature by hiking, top rope climbing, cooking and baking new recipes, reading novels and thrillers, playing board games and gaming in general, traveling to new places, and all forms of art.


PS: I own two lovely rabbits on my balcony. One of them stood model with me for this picture. His name is Simba, since he has such a great ‘lion’s mane’. I have had him since he was only a little bunny and he is already nine years old.