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Racial Exclusion

Racial Exclusion

Date: September 9, 2021

While society is becoming increasingly critical of themes such as LGBTI*, discrimination and racial exclusion, which is even considered as very undesirable these days, selecting or excluding based on race is actually quite wanted in ZooEasy. 

In the past, ZooEasy did not exclude any breeds. In our software, adding a certain breed was shown as a tab in the animal list view. If the result of a search yielded only animals of one specific breed, all the tabs of the other breeds were also shown. Call it racial equality… However, this turned out to be redundant. 

In order to make things as simple and clear as possible for our users, we have therefore decided to make ourselves guilty of excluding breeds in version 2.5.25! Now, when you filter or search for a specific breed, you don’t see the tabs for all the other breeds anymore. Of course, in order to see the tab, the animal has already to be linked to a specific breed in the first place. You can find the list of created breeds in the detail screen of each animal. The search can easily be undone by clicking ‘In file’, after which everything is visible again. 

So, racial exclusion is not undesirable in all cases. The new function in the online ZooEasy software version 2.5.25 is a perfect example of it. Of course, this doesn’t make ZooEasy racist, but simply efficient!

*The acronym LGBTI stands for lesbian women, gay men, bisexuals, transgender and intersex people.
**Please note that ZooEasy supports groups that stand for equality in rights of all genders.