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Reduced prices ZooEasy

Reduced prices ZooEasy

Date: April 8, 2016

Reduced prices as requested by our customers

Recently we have reduced prices of ZooEasy. That’s good news for all our current customers and for everyone who wants to use our program. The price reduction is a response to the survey that we conducted earlier among our customers.

Survey ZooEasy

In March 2016 we had a survey to see what our customers think of ZooEasy. We had about 500 responses from all over the world. The survey shows lots of positive results. For example, more and more people like to record the data of their animals online. They also think ZooEasy is easy to use. The only downside was that the price of 125 US Dollars a year was too much. Therefor we did further investigation to see how much we could lower our prices to make ZooEasy available for breeders of all animals: from mice breeders till managers of cattle herd books.

New prices

The new pricing of ZooEasy came in by April 8, 2016. With this new prices you will only pay half the price! The new reduced prices are also available for our current customers. They will automatically pay the new prices when their new subscription starts. Take a look at our pricing table on the website to see how much you can save on your monthly or annual subscription of ZooEasy.