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Using wildcards in the search

Using wildcards in the search

Date: January 31, 2020

Did you know that it is also possible to use a wildcard while searching in ZooEasy? The search function only works if you enter the name of an animal or the registration number 100% correctly. But what if you only know part of the name? I remember Billy, but I don’t know the kennel name for sure. I think I know that the kennel name was behind it. Then I search in ZooEasy for [Billy* ]. The brackets [] are not necessary, only the text with the asterisk. Now I see all the animals in the administration whose name starts with Billy. But alas, my Billy is not among them. Maybe the kennel name stood for the name? So I search again for [ *Billy]. And yes, he is among them. I could have done this in one go by searching on [ *Billy* ]. Then I get all the animals where Billy is somewhere in the name.

You can also do this with the registration number. If you know the number, but not the letters, then you can search for [ *1234* ] and you will get all animals with 1234 in the registration number.

You can also look up all the animals of a certain kennel in this way. For example from kennel Serendipity. This is a kennel name after the given name, so then search under Name forĀ 

[ *Serendipity ] and then you get a list of all animals that have the kennel name Serendipity.

With Advanced search the wildcard also works. For example, if you want to know all animals where an Extra field has been entered, then place an asterisk under Advanced search under the Extra fields tab in that field. Then you get a list of all the animals for which this field is filled. Even if, for example, you search for all animals with result A, you can go into that field

Enter [ *A* ] and then you get all animals that have a result with A in it.

This shortens the list of search results, which saves a lot of browsing between the found pages! And you can always find what you are looking for!