Cooperation between organizations

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Do you want to collaborate with different organizations breeding the same breed, but still manage your own data? With the module Cooperation between organizations you work together in 1 ZooEasy administration and as an organization you can give each other rights to read or to change information. The advantage is that every organization can decide for itself which data is visible through authorizations. Organizations can use each other’s data to supplement data. With this, pedigree data is shared and population calculations such as mean kinship, inbreeding and kinship are performed more accurately and more fully. Thanks to the cooperation in 1 administration, the data is always current.


Who is already using the module?

The module is used by, among others, the Dutch and Belgian Association of the Weimaraner. This module has given the Belgian association access to the originally set up administration of the Dutch association. The associations themselves register the animals in the same administration. No manual input or import of data from other organizations, but the availability of all data from 1 source.

What do I have to do to start using the module?

It is important that you make prior agreements with the organization(s) involved about roles, rights and ownership of data, and what to do if an organization splits off. A super-user will also have to be appointed who will receive all rights. A manager will then also have to be appointed for each organization. You can then purchase the module and contact us for the set-up.

What are the additional costs for this module?

Set-up (one-off)                                                                               €205     $210     £190
Annual maintenance costs for each organization      €100,20       $103,20    £92,40