Mean kinship

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How to calculate the best breeding animals for the future? The Mean kinship module can help you with this! Mean kinship is the average relationship of an animal with the entire population. The mean kinship is a benchmark for how much an animal can contribute to the inbreeding in the future of the breed. Animals with a low mean kinship are genetically important and can be used for breeding. Animals with a higher mean kinship should be used less (or not at all) for breeding. The use of animals with a high mean kinship creates a significant risk of genetic defects and diseases like epilepsy within a breed. It is important to have enough animals with a low mean kinship available within the population in the future, to prevent occurrence of hereditary defects. This will ensure a good and healthy breed.


Who is already using the module?

The module is used by, among others, “The Dutch Schapendoes” (TDS). With this module, the TDS wants to prevent a problem of excessive inbreeding increase within the breed. If you do not take control measures, this problem will automatically arise in a closed population and the association wants to prevent that as well as possible.

What do I have to do to start using the module?

Before you can start using the module, you will have to take a number of steps to set up the administration for this. We have made an explanation for you that you can follow.

Are there any restrictions on use?

The module can perform mean kinship calculations for 1 population. If your organization registers 2 or more varieties that are separate from each other, we advise you to wait a while before purchasing. This is expected to be resolved by March 2021.

What are the additional costs for this module?

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