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Stand Alone not available

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Unfortunately the website standalone.zooeasy.com is no longer available. Are you new to ZooEasy and would you like to have more information? Please visit www.zooeasy.com.

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The stand alone website is offline

In the past, ZooEasy sold the stand alone software. Breeders installed this software on their own computer and used their database offline. This product is getting old and will not be updated anymore, because it costs a lot of time and money to develop these new versions every year. Furthermore the standalone version is already not compatible with tablets, smartphones and Macintosh computers. That’s why we decided to say goodbye to this beautiful product. Instead, breeders like you can now use ZooEasy Online. This is online software. It looks a little bit different from the stand alone version, but contains nearly the same features. Your database is safe and you will always use the newest features.

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I still use the stand alone version. What should I do?

Check your current version number for the correct information.

Do you have version 13?

Do you use Version 13 now and haven’t you installed Version 13.05 yet? Then you can download Version 13.05 for free via this link. You need your license information. You got this information per e-mail when you purchased Version 13.

Do you have version 10, 11 of 12?

Your version will still work until June 1, 2020. After this date the servers are unavailable and you will not be able to use the Stand Alone version anymore. The helpdesk services stops too. You can still switch to ZooEasy Online, using this link. You can try ZooEasy Online 30 days for free. Here we explain how to import your data.

Do you have version 9 or lower?

Then you can continue to use the program as long as your computer supports the software. Support by the helpdesk is not available anymore. Please make sure your data is safe and create regular backups.

Do you want to be sure your database is safe now and in the future? Switch to ZooEasy Online. You can try the software 30 days for free. Here we explain how to import your data.