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How do I change the relationship percentage matrix into a breeding advisory matrix?

The step-by-step plan is as follows:

1. Click the menu Management
2. Click the tab Settings
3. Click the tab Breeding advisory matrix
4. Click the option Breeding advisory matrix
A table appears with for limit values for up to 7 (not) fit for breeding categories can be defined. The range of values to be entered must be from 0.00 to 200.00, always with two digits after the period (a comma does not work here). The lower limit of the first category is already in place.
5. Fill in the following information:
Below Signs to be used: ++
Below <=: 9.99
When you leave this input field automatically the lower limit of the next category is filled in.
6. Repeat this for:
+ with 14.99
+- with 29.99
– with 99.99
— (two minus signs) with 200
The entry fields of the two rows at bottom are now greyed out, indicating that we have now finished specifying the categories.
7. Click Save

Now we can calculate the matrix for a number of males and females for all possible combinations of these animals:
8. Click the menu Reports
9. Click the tab Breeding advisory matrix
10. Click the button […] at the right of the field (0) Selected males:
11. Select an animal from the list
12. Click Select an animal
13. Repeat 11. en 12. at least once more
14. Click the button […] at the right of the field (0) Selected females:
15. Select at least two animals as explained in 11. and 12.
16. Click Display breeding advisory matrix”

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