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How do I create a relationship percentage matrix?

The step-by-step plan is as follows:

1. Click the menu Reports
2. Click the tab Relationship percentage matrix
3. Click the upper button […]

In a pop-up window a list of all male animals is shown.
4. Select the male animals you want to include in the matrix.
This can be done in several ways:

One by one:
a. Select a male
b. Click Select Animals
c. Repeat a. and b. until your selection is complete

More then one in one go:
a. Click the drop down box Name and select Extended search
b. Click the button […] to the right of Owner
c. Select L. James
d. Click Display search result(s)
e. Click Select animals

Or by a combination of both

5. Click the lower button […]

The pop-up window shows a list of all the female animals.
6. Select the female animals you want to include in the matrix in the same way as you did for the males.

After males and females have been chosen the link Display relationship percentage matrix appears at the top of the screen. In case of an error in the animals you chose you can click Clear above the field to clean the field below it.

7. We can limit the mumber of generations of ancestors we want to include in the calculation.
a. Click the option Unlimited if you want to include all ancestors
b. or Click the option Limited to and fill in the following information: Limited to = 3
8. Click Display relationship matrix

The calculation of relationship percentages of all possible pairs starts now. Be aware that each animal male or female and each added generation of ancestors will double the number of animals included in the calculation and the longer it will take to calculate.

The result can be exported as a csv-file.
9. Click Export relationship percentage matrix
10. Save or Open the generated document

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