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How does Poprep work?

The step-by-step plan is as follows:

1. Click the menu Reports
2. Click the tab Export in case it isn’t the active one
3. Select Export animals (Population analysis)

If there are spaces in the registration numbers, you will receive a notification. You can ignore this notification. PopRep does not accept spaces in registration numbers. Therefore, in this case, they will be replaced by two dots during export: .. but remember to replace those two dots with a space when you search the database with the returned registration numbers.

4. Click the option Save file
5. Click the button OK
Windows places this in the Downloads folder under a name like: AnimalsPopulationAnalyses24092019.txt

6. From a new browser tab, go to the PopRep website: https://popreport.fli.de/
7. Fill in the following information:
Breed: = the animals breed
Date format: = DD-MM-YYYY
E-mail: = your e-mail address
8. Click the button Browse
9. Search for your AnimalsPopulationAnalyses<ddmmyyyy>-file and select this
10. Click the button Upload
11. Wait for the return e-mail from PopRep
12. Open the attached document

If a multi-page report has been generated, then everything is fine.

If a circular reference is found, you will receive an email with a file loopgraph.pdf containing one circular reference of animals, in which an (ancestor) animal reappears lower in the pedigree. You have to correct this in your database.

But please note: PopRep cannot return an overview of all circular changes at once. So there may still be other circular references in your data. That is why you have to do an export and send it again and again, until everything is OK.

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