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The ideal assistant for individual breeders and breeding organisations.

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Zooeasy has many features to register animals and improve breeding results. View the complete list here.

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Record all index data including titles, parents, breeder and owner

Follow bloodlines unlimitedly and see the information displayed in pedigrees

Show pictures of ancestors in online pedigrees

Printed pedigrees include pictures of ancestors

Precise inbreeding calculations

Mean kinship calculation

Print pedigree including picture, watermark and logo

Brilliant default check to prevent double pedigree numbers

Recording notes and special details

Unlimited recording of personal notes

Print a barcode for each animal*

Quick data entry by means of a copy function

Search function to select animals

Easily enter a digital picture

Record medical history and genetic information

Print a pedigree for each animal

Quick-sort groups of animals

Automatic age calculation

Easily change an incorrect pedigree number

Print an index card for each animal including all relevant details

Create a relationship matrix which shows how closely animals are related

Common ancestors are marked in the pedigree

Quickly add animals from within the pedigree in order to complete incomplete pedigrees

Add attachments to animals

Add multiple pictures per animal

Accurate calculation of the parenthood loss value (AVK)

Register multiple reports per examination per animal

Overview of cousins, uncles, aunts, ancestors, related and unrelated per animal

Overview of changes per animal

List of animals is adjustable in columns

Breeding pairs

Compose trial pedigrees

Unlimited recording of remarks

Print a report of breeding pairs

Search function to quickly find a breeding pair

Sophisticated search function for selecting breeding pair data

Add a picture of a breeding pair

Store attachments to breeding pairs

Store several pictures pertaining to a breeding pair

Overview of changes per breeding pair

Record owner of female animals to breeding pairs

List of breeding pairs is adjustable in columns


Find your contacts at a glance

Record notes unlimitedly

Quick-sort contacts

Store attachments pertaining to a contact

Overview of changes for every contact

List of contacts is adjustable in columns

Cooperation within organizations

Multi User

Breeder and reader accounts

Collaboration in 1 database with other organizations*

Exchange data

Import files from other pedigree software

Linked to PopRep

Import files animals

Import files with breeding pairs

Import contact files

Import files contest results

Export functionality Davilex Club

Export list of animals

Export list of combinations

Export list with contacts

Export list with contests


Support in the languages English, German, Dutch

Languages in the program: English, Deutsch, Dansk, Espagñol, Italiano, Nederlands

Suitable for all breeds and organizations

Entry is checked while recording the details

Suitable for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP en 2000

Suitable for all type of tablets and smartphones

Suitable for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge

Internet connection required


Record index data of each animal per category and date


Produce an index card for each bird, including or excluding remarks and details

Produce an index card for each animal

Freely customizable reports and printing options

Design your own templates with logo and watermark

Safety measures

Automatic backup function

Easily make backups on your hard disk, flash disk, ZIP drive, etc.

Backup on servers ZooEasy

Password protection, require a username and password to access ZooEasy


Store a picture to show results

Add attachments to show results

Store several pictures pertaining to a show result (eg. show report or the prize won)

Overview of changes per contest

Register contests in different categories


Waiting list for requested animals born*

Features with a asterisk (*) are not standard functionality of ZooEasy. These can be purchased as modules in the webshop.