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A lot different

It took a while for me to get used to it. I still miss a cash book. It would be good if there were a list only with the current animals and one with all the animals. An entry for the sale of animals (to whom, for what price), as well as the purchase. Sold or killed animals should automatically be removed from the current list.

Nicole, Niederneisen

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Animal species: Birds

Response from ZooEasy:

The cashbook is planned in 1 of the coming releases (see https://www.zooeasy.com/news/new-developments-at-zooeasy/). We are working hard to also add the functionality of the stand alone version to the online version. We will inform you as soon as new functionality is available. To be able to see your own animals you have to change a setting once, see: https://www.zooeasy.com/support/how-do-i-make-it-so-that-i-only-see-my-own-animals-in-the-animal-list/. The issue with sold and killed animals will be solved then too. Sale and purchase fields can be added as extra fields in the system, in a few weeks we will publish new video\'s how to do that.




Luis Manuel, Escobedo Camargo

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Animal species: Birds


Its a great product, however I find importing difficult.

My experience with the personel of Zooeasy has been great. They have always been ready to help.

Mike, Kyleakin

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Animal species: Cattle


A flexible and clever system

We use Zooeasy to manage all pedigree dogs in East Africa, data management is superb. Virtually no downtime in 2 years of use. Great user interface. Flexible in the creation of reports. Back ups and downloads done in a flash.

N Rosenstok, Nairobi

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Animal species: Dogs

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