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The best choice for responsible breeder for over 20 years

ZooEasy is the leading company for animal pedigree software. Our developers are the core of our supportteam and are the driving force behind all the improvements.

About ZooEasy

ZooEasy is the animal pedigree software for responsible breeders. Breeders who use ZooEasy, keep track of their animals easily. That leads to a better overview and an excellent insight, so it’s easier to improve your breeding results.

Leading company

ZooEasy was established by Erik Reudink in 1993. Since then we have become the leading company for pedigree software. At ZooEasy headquarters in the Netherlands, we serve the worldwide market. ZooEasy has grown by the good relationships with all breeders: from bird breeders and dog breeders to goat and cattle herdbooks. We support all our customers with good service and excellend product support. We continually develop our software for an even better user experience for our more than 20.000 active users.


Online pedigree management

We offer software for all animal species and all breeders. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, or if you’re a professional breeder. We even provide the best software if you’re a manager of your club, association or herdbook. Individual breeders choose our Single User subscription. You can login anywhere and anytime to your personal and secured database.

Professional organizations choose our Multi User or Unlimited subscription. More and more clubs, associations, herdbooks and other professionals are using ZooEasy. All members have their own account and can loging anytime and anywhere to one and the same database. The manager is the only one who can see and edit all information. All privacy sensitive information is kept safe from most members. Several associations use one of these subscriptions at this moment, like the Dutch Association for Stabij- and Wetterhounen (dogs) and the American Kune Kune Association (pigs).


Service and support

Our team answers all questions about the purchase and use of ZooEasy. Our developers are the core of our support team. That means you’re always get a response from our experts. You can also follow courses via Skype, to get to learn the program even better. Do you have any questions, or do you think we can improve our software? We like to think about technical solutions to your requests. We also give customized service to associations and other (professional) organizations. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Team ZooEasy is here to help you!