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Keeping animal data is easier with ZooEasy

An increasing number of associations opt for ZooEasy's software to keep track of their animal data easily and quickly.

For associations

For associations

As an association or organization, you want to keep an up-to-date and accurate overview of your animal data. With ZooEasy you can safely and easily register all animal data in a central database that is completely adapted to your needs. The data is always immediately available and can be shared with members and breeders, as desired.

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The benefits of ZooEasy for associations

For associations

All animal data in a convenient summary

For associations

Customized database, tailored to your needs

For associations

Work with several people at the same time using the same database

For associations

Decide for yourself who can view or edit specific data

For associations

Customized reports in your own style

For associations

Switching to ZooEasy

For associations

ZooEasy is suitable for all animal species. Curious about the possibilities and functions that are useful to you?

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Database customized to meet your requirements

Are you starting an association and are you looking for a suitable database system? With ZooEasy software you collect all animal data in an online database that is fully customized to your requirements. What information do you want to keep? Think inbreeding, mean kinship (additional costs), health results, competition results and pedigrees. Complete the information about the animals, analyze the data and advise breeders, to keep the breed healthy and strong. In addition, you can easily create a customized report in your association’s preferred format. This does not only apply for new associations. Are you dealing with an outdated system that is no longer being updated or further developed, quits the current manager using the software or does the system no longer meet today’s requirements? Then the ZooEasy software is suitable too.

Decide for yourself who has access

You can allow several people to access the database concurrently. As an organization, you decide who can view which data or edit the database. This allows you to give board members and committee members full access, so that they can help to fill in and update the information. For example, you can give members only access to create trial pedigrees. Your members can have read-only access to view non-sensitive information. Do you like to work together with a similar association? The ZooEasy software gives you that option, so you have your data in one central database.

Calculate the mean kinship of the guinea pigs

Mean kinship is the average relationship of an animal with the entire population. The mean kinship is a benchmark for how an animal can contribute to the inbreeding in the future of the breed. Animals with a low mean kinship are genetically new. Animals with a higher mean kinship have already left their mark on the population.

What makes the mean kinship important?
For more in depth information read this article this article.

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For associations

Customized reports for associations

Our team has developed several customized reports in the style of the organization. Our examples: a registration certificate and pedigree certificate for the East Africa Kennel Club, nest approval for the United States Eurasier Club and proof of registration for the Dutch Organization of Goat Holders.

For associations

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Easy transfer or start with ZooEasy

Do you already have a database or club register? We’ll help you switch and import the data to the new database. Switching or starting with ZooEasy can be done in eight simple steps.


  • Tell us which data you want to keep
    Contact us. We will then send you a number of questions asking about the information you want to register. For example information about inbreeding, mean kinship, health results and pedigrees. And who will work with the database?
  • Quote
    Based on your requirements, you will receive a free quote
  • Approach and planning
    Then we will discuss the approach and planning. This makes it clear when we will carry out all work and when you can test the system.
  • Database setup (*)
    We set up the database completely according to your requirements.


(*) Optional

Transfer to ZooEasy
  • Import your current data (*)
    We import the current animal data for you into the ZooEasy database.
  • Customized reporting (*)
    You will receive customized reports containing the information that is important to you. We create this with your own style, and you can easily share it with members, breeders and other interested parties.
  • Test period
    When everything is ready, start your test period. If you encounter any errors, we will correct them.
  • Training (*)
    Has the test been successful? Then take our course on how to work effectively with ZooEasy. After the course you can start using the software.

Your data is safe

The ZooEasy central database is protected against unwanted access. We now manage the data for thousands of customers, and will always keep it strictly confidential. The information, such as the text, photos and files you enter, are yours and are not shared with others. We back up all files weekly. You are responsible for keeping your own username and password safe. We take care of the rest.


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