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General terms and conditions forum

Version 3.0 All legal documents of ZooEasy are only available in Dutch and English.

Section 1: Definitions

The hereafter stated terms indicated with a capital letter are defined as follows in this Agreement:

  • Contracting party: those who have entered an Agreement with ZooEasy so that the User can use the Service.
  • Data: the data entered by a User via the Service.
  • Service: the (upon payment) making available and maintenance of the Software on the Server by ZooEasy on behalf of the User.
  • Disclaimer: a denial or disavowal of legal claim.
  • Documentation: the user-directed manuals for the purpose of using the Software.
  • Forum: forum made available by ZooEasy on the Website for the benefit of the User.
  • Forum rules: these Conditions of use for the Forum
  • Shortcoming: demonstrable shortcoming in the Software with regard to the characteristics therefore agreed upon in the Specifications.
  • User: those who actually use the Service.
  • Intellectual property rights: all rights of intellectual property and rights related therewith such as copyright, trade mark right, patent right, design right, trade name right, database right and neighboring rights as well as rights on know-how and to performances on a par with patentable inventions.
  • Agreement: the quotation signed between ZooEasy and the Contracting party regarding the Service, the general terms and conditions applicable upon this and/or any other, in conformity with the general terms and conditions, declared determination or statement applicable, legally valid to the legal relationship between ZooEasy and the Contracting Party.
  • Software: the ZooEasy software, including new versions and custom-made software.
  • Server: a computer managed by or on behalf of ZooEasy with on it the web-server software that is accessible from the internet.
  • Specifications: the functionality and operation of the Software described in the Agreement.
  • Conditions: these Conditions of use for ZooEasy software.
  • Website: the website under the domain name of www.zooeasyonline.com
  • ZooEasy: the firm Reudink Software BV

Section 2: Forum Rules

  1. User must be ensured to comply with the Forum rules. In case of suspicion of content in breach of these rules, User can inform us via support@zooeasy.com.
  2. ZooEasy retains the right to remove posts and/or topics which are in breach of the Forum rules.
  3. Users breaching the Forum rules may be banned.
  4. The Forum is intended as a platform for all issues relevant for keeping/updating animal registration and data, animal breeding (organizations), mean kinship, animal welfare and other related research and applications.
  5. User must be polite and respectful to all Users and moderators. ZooEasy will not tolerate aggression, discrimination and bullying.
  6. User needs to be aware of the fact that another User can come from different (culture) backgrounds, with different customs, languages and legislation(s).
  7. Any content such as messages or images that can be considered as; illegal, defamatory, obscene, insulting and/or intentionally provocative or inflammatory is not allowed.
  8. User may not intentionally misquote, mislead or attempt to impersonate or pose as another person when posting.
  9. Posts by User need to be users’ own content.
  10. User must be factual and truthful. Opinions and unsubstantiated statements must be recognized as such.
  11. User is permitted a single account only.
  12. The chosen Forum name must adhere to the regulations regarding proper language use (sec. 2, par. 7).
  13. User is responsible to maintain his/her own Forum profile.
  14. Discussions need to be kept on topic. Posts should be appropriate for the Forum and its’ related discussion.
  15. User needs to utilize the features to edit and delete content responsibly. It is not intended to retroactively edit/delete post(s), after another User has already commented.
  16. ZooEasy can retrieve deleted messages if it’s necessary.
  17. ZooEasy retains the right to delete duplicated posts and to remove posts that have been placed in the wrong category or topic to the correct thread.
  18. Spam and (references to) surveys, are not allowed.
  19. User may not post commercial advertisements of any kind without permission from ZooEasy. In response to a question or message regarding a possible service or product supplier, User must limit him/herself to contact details only.
  20. Posts must adhere to intellectual property law, including copyright law.
  21. User may not post, upload, download or otherwise exchange copyright protected material through the Forum.
  22. Material extracted from copyright protected sources must be referenced.
  23. User may be held liable for breaches in copyright, or other broken law as a result of his/her placed posts.

Section 3: Forum Disclaimer

  1. Posts of Users are their own personal opinion and do not represent the opinion of ZooEasy.
  2. ZooEasy is not responsible for the content of any posts on the Forum by a User and does not certify any of that information as correct.
  3. User is responsible for any advice he/she obtains through the Forum.
  4. All posts and other communications through the Forum, including private communications, are the property of ZooEasy.
  5. ZooEasy reserves the right to remove submitted content and/or messages, when ZooEasy considers them to be in violation of the Forum rules.
  6. The Forum is crawled by known search engines. Posts and topics may appear in search results for search engines such as; Google, Ask, Bing and others. ZooEasy does not accept any responsibility for search engine results that may include public forum posts. Private messages are not crawled and therefor will not appear in any search results.
  7. The email address of User will not be visible to another User.
  8. Any (private) contact details User discloses through the Forum is at his/her own risk. ZooEasy does not accept any responsibility for the consequences of such disclosure.
  9. ZooEasy can view the email address of User. This will be kept private, unless ZooEasy is requested to provide this information by a rightfully authorised person or organization within the law.

Section 4: Forum Liability

  1. User accepts sole liability for any content of his/her post on the Forum.
  2. User agrees to indemnify ZooEasy against damages, claims, liability, (legal) fees, and other expenses ZooEasy may incur resulting from the Users’ post(s) or other communications through the Website.
  3. ZooEasy excludes any liability for loss or damage from a breach of the Forum rules.
  4. ZooEasy retains the right, at its’ own sole discretion, to remove or block access to any material which ZooEasy suspects it to be in breach of the Forum rules.