Breeding Application

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Is there no insight into the status and procedure of a breeding application within your organization? The module Breeding application makes this transparent for both an applicant for breeding and an assessor of a committee. The advantage is that every person involved gets a clear picture of the status process. The assessor also knows exactly which action must be performed in each step of the process of assessment. The module follows the pre-agreed process steps. In the event of a status change, both the applicant and the assessor are automatically informed of the status by email.


Who is already using the module?

The module is in use, among others, by the Dutch Society for Stabijhoun and Wetterhoun (NVSW). Through this module, the entire process of the breeding application is now transparent to all involved. Every person involved also knows exactly which actions he or she must perform in each process step of a breeding application. No more loose papers or emails, but a clear insight for every person involved.

What do I have to do to start using the module?

It is important that you have, in advance, made the process steps and actions per process step transparent for your organization. Then you can purchase the module and contact us for the set-up.

What are the additional costs for this module?

Set-up (one-off) €205     $210     £190   
Annual maintenance costs     € 132     $135,60  £122,40