Waiting list

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Does keeping the waiting lists up to date take a lot of time? With the Waiting list module you make the waiting lists within your organization transparent for all involved. You easily pass on information to all applicants about the amount of animals born and the waiting times. All data is in 1 place, which makes the waiting list transparent and well-arranged. Another advantage is that with the module you can easily connect breeders and applicants. Applicants are added to your waiting lists with their preferences for breed, gender and color, in addition they can indicate when they want to be considered for an animal. This is how you connect the right people.


Who is already using the module?

The module is, among others, in use at the Dutch Association for Stabijhoun and Wetterhoun (NVSW). Through this module, applicants in the waiting list are automatically informed via email that animals were born and that their position has changed in the waiting list. Applicants no longer have to contact your organization separately about the status of their application, this saves a lot of communication with applicants!

What do I have to do to start using the module?

It is important that you know which target groups you identify for applicants. You can then purchase the module and contact us for the set-up.

What are the additional costs for this module?

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Set-up (one-off) €205 $210 £190
Annual maintenance costs       €132 $135,60 £122,40