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Do you want to be able to consult ZooEasy data on an external website for, for example, registering something like a show, requesting contact details or retrieving which animals belongs to which owner? With the Webservices module you can make this possible without the need for a ZooEasy account. The data is retrieved from ZooEasy via a secure connection and displayed directly on the external website. This is useful if, for example, you want registrations for a show to take place via the website of your organization. The tenderer then only needs to confirm the details. The advantage is that the tenderer no longer have to enter data manually and no errors occur. As the manager, you decide for yourself what information is displayed on the external website. This way you prevent sensitive information from becoming transparent.


With whom is this module already in use?

The module is in use by the Alpaca Association Benelux. This module allows visitors without a ZooEasy account to search for animals in their ZooEasy administration and use the information when registering for something like a show.

What do I have to do to use the module?

When you purchase this module, you will receive a manual and API Key to access your own administration from your website.

What are the additional costs for this module?

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Annual maintenance costs     €100,20  $103,20   £92,40