Data entry (per hour)

 45,00 incl. 21% VAT

Sometimes it’s neccessary to enter a lot of data manually to your online database. That can take a lot of time. For a favorable price, ZooEasy takes care of your manual data entry. We love to make this easier for you.


Manual data entry can take a lot of time, but sometimes there’s no other way. Like when you can’t import your data, of if you only had paperwork. You can easily outsource this job to ZooEasy. Send us your data digitally or by mail and tell us what we need to register for you. Our data entry clerk works very carefully and processes all the data in the right place. Furthermore, we deliver this in a very reasonable hourly rate. Our expert makes it easy for you.


How to start?
– Contact us for an estimation of hours it takes for your data entry.
– Click on ‘Add to cart’, enter the agreed hours and complete your order.