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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the trial subscription be terminated automatically?

Yes, if you do not pay for a subscription, the trial subscription will automatically end after 30 days.

Are there any costs associated with the trial subscription?

No, the trial subscription is free. You can try ZooEasy Online for 30 days and contact the helpdesk if you have any questions.

What are the costs if I want to continue to use ZooEasy Online after the trial subscription period?

This depends on the number of users who will get access to the program, see Pricing.

Will I be able to keep my data from the trial subscription when I purchase a subscription?

Yes, you keep the same database after you pay for the subscription, you do not have to do anything for this.

What happens to my data if I don’t want to renew the trial subscription?

Your data will be automatically deleted after 12 months.