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How can I easily print a family tree of 3 generations where I can choose a number of fields that will be displayed and add my own logo or background?

The step-by-step plan is as follows:

1. Click the menu Management
2. Click the tab Base tables
3. Click the drop down box Contact categories and select Pedigree Layout
4. Click Add
5. Fill in the following information:
Description: = My own pedigree
Position: = The desired index number of the layout
Explanation: = (a further description can be added here)
6. Click Save
7. Click the menu Reports
8. Click the tab Reports
“My own pedigree” is now listed in the lower row tabs on the position defined at step 5.

9. Click on the 2nd row on the tab with the name of the layout that you have entered
10. Enter the Title and any Footnote under Report Settings.
You can also select a picture file that will be displayed as background.
11. Click the Browse button next to Watermark and search and select the file of the image you want to display
12. Under Selectable fields, choose the fields that you want to show for the animal
13. Choose the extra fields you want to display from the ancestors under Pedigree section and choose from the options as Font
14. Click Save settings

The layout of My own pedigree has now been entered and saved. If uploaded the image is also shown at the top right. Keep in mind that the chosen image must have the same aspect ratio as the selected paper size, otherwise the image will be distorted.

15. Click on the button […] behind Animal
16. Select an animal
17. Click Preview report
Now you can choose between Save and Open. With Save, the file is placed in the Downloads folder.

You must have read this explanation first:

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