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How do I add a breeding pair?

The step-by-step plan is as follows:

1. Click the menu Breeding pairs
2. Click Add
3. Click the button […] behind Male and choose the father where the registration number=0001
4. Click the button […] behind Female and choose the mother where the registration number=0002
5. Enter the fields for Pairing date and Date of birth
6. Click Save
7. Click List
8. Choose the breeding pair you have just added
9. Click Add offspring
10. Fill in the following information:
Registration number = 0004
Gender = Female
Name = Chariklo
Breed = Centaur
Color = White

11. Click Save

Before we already added a young of this breeding pair. We can now link it to this breeding pair.

12. Click the menu Animals
13. Click the animal with registration number=0003
14. Click the tab Breeding pairs
15. Click on the bullit next to the date of birth of the breeding pair you’ve just added
16. Click Save
17. Click the menu Breeding pairs
18. Choose the Breeding pair you just added

The young with registration number 0003 has now been added to the breeding pair too.

The explanation is meant for the level: Starter

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