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How do I add a brood?

The step-by-step plan is as follows:

In addition to 1 to 1 breeding, ZooEasy offers also the possibility to record broods. This is very common among chicken breeders. The cock is coupled to two or more hens. The father of the offspring is known, but the mother is not. The explanation below explains how ZooEasy can record a brood:

As an example we take a male with registration number DEMO-001 and three females with registration numbers DEMO-002, DEMO-003 and DEMO-004.

1. Click the menu Animals
2. Click Add

The screen Index data appears. As an example we use breeding brood number F-2020-001 which stands for the first brood of the year 2020

3. Fill in the following information:
Registration number = F-2020-001
Gender = Female

4. Fill in the other details such as Race and Color
5. Leave Date of birth empty.

When the women are (full) sisters, the registration numbers can be entered in the fields Father and Mother. Leave empty in case they are not (full) sisters.

6. Only enter the breeder if this is the same for all 3 females, otherwise leave empty
7. Click the button […] next to Owner and select it from the Contacts list or – if the owner doesn’t yet exist in the database – click on link Add and fill in the data from the contact
8. Click the tab Remarks
9. Enter the three registrationnumbers of the 3 females on the sub tab Public
10. Click Save

The brood has now been completed. The next step is to record a combination of the male and the brood.

11. Click the menu Combinations
12. Click Add

Depending on the settings, the option can be displayed to add multiple combinations in one operation. If this is the case, click No, because we are now only going to add one single combination.

13. Fill in the following information:
Male = DEMO-001
Female = F-2020-001
14. Fill in the other details and click Save.

Now offspring born from this brood can be recorded in the normal way.

Under ‘How do I add a breeding pair?’ it also explains how you can link the animals to this brood after entering the general data of the combination. You can find that explanation here: https://www.zooeasy.com/support/how-do-i-add-a-breeding-pair/

With the data of the offspring from this brood, the brood number F-2020-001 will now be shown in the field Mother.

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