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How do I check if I have double contacts in my database?

The step-by-step plan is as follows:

How can it happen that a contact has a double entry in the database? Mostly by mistakes with the contact number.
1. Click the menu Management
2. Click the tab Checks
3. Click the option Contacts
4. Select the checkmark for Last name
5. Click Start check on duplicate values
Now contacts with the same last name will be searched for and listed in a new window
6. Click the icons at the end of the row to show the data of the potentialy duplicate contacts.
Each will be opened in a new window so they can easily be compared and data be moved from one to the other.
In case you find positive duplicates you have to:
• Decide which one is the most complete
• Move all data like combinations, results, extra fields etc. from the other(s) to the most complete
• Delete (when done) the other(s)
It is also possible to print out the list of possible duplicate entries:
7. Click the drop down box “Reports” and select Print preview
8. Click Print

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