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How do I create a role for my users?

The step-by-step plan is as follows:

1. Click the menu Management
2. Click the tab Base tables
3. Click the drop down box Contact categories and select Roles

We are going to copy the role, because then we don’t have to select everything again:
4. Click the Copy icon next to an existing role. An exact copy of this role is being created with ‘Copy of -‘ in front.
5. Select this new role
6. Rename the description of the role

For example, I don’t want my users to add colors, so we’ll turn that off:
7. Click in the 1st row on the tab Animals
8. Click in the 2nd row on the tab Index data
9. Deselect the checkmark for Color in the Add column

I also don’t want them to modify database settings, so we’ll disable the menu Management for this role too:
10. Click in the 1st row on the tab Management
11. Deselect the checkmark for Display menu Management
12. Click Save

Now I have configured the role and the only thing left is to assign it to an account:
13. Click the menu Management
14. Click the tab Accounts
15. Click the tab List
16. Click Add
17. Click the […] icon next to Number to select a contact
18. Select a contact
19. Enter the e-mail address to which the account is to be issued
20. Click the drop down box Role and select the newly defined role

This user only needs access for one month, so let’s set an end date on the account. The user cannot log in after this date:
22. Fill in the following information for the enddate: = <todays date + 1 month>
23. Click Save
24. Click English

An email in English with login data has now been send to the user.

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