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How do I log in and out of ZooEasy?

The step-by-step plan is as follows:

1. Go to https://www.zooeasyonline.com
2. Open the e-mail from ZooEasy Online
3. Click on the link in the email, ZooEasy Online opens with the menu My account\Change password
4. Click the Generate password or Use my own password option
5. Click (after generating or entering the password) the Copy icon to record the password to the clipboard
6. Click Save and save the password in the browser safe if desired, you will now be ‘logged out’ and the login screen will be shown
7. Enter your e-mail address on the login screen as stated in the e-mail
8. Paste the password from the clipboard into the Password field on the login screen
9. If you’d like to read it first, click Terms and Conditions of Use. These are shown in a pop-up window, which you can accept by clicking the button I accept the Terms and Conditions of Use. Or click the checkbox for I accept the Terms and Conditions of Use
10. Optionally, select the checkmark for Remember E-mail and Remember password if you don’t want to re-enter them every time.
11. Click the button Login to ZooEasy Online and you are logged in
12. Click the Log Out link to log out

The explanation is meant for the level: Starter, Starter

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