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How do I make it so that I only see my own animals in the animal list?

The step-by-step plan is as follows:

We are configuring ZooEasy in such a way that it shows only your own animals in the animal list. You have to be registered in the database as the owner for this to work.
Then you have to link your account to your contact number:
1. Click the menu Management
2. Click the tab Accounts
3. Click the tab List and click your own E-mail address
4. Click the button […] after Number and select your own name
5. Click Save
6. Click the menu My account
7. Check the box for By default display your own animals and if you want By default display your own breeding pairs
8. Click Save
9. Log out of ZooEasy and log in to ZooEasy again

This setting is only for your own account. If you have users, they can also choose to use this setting. But it won’t be set for them like you have set it for yourself.

The explanation is meant for the level: Starter, Starter

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