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What do the terms ECG (equivalent complete generations) and Pedigree completeness mean?

The step-by-step plan is as follows:

An inbreeding percentage of 0% is positive but has no meaning if the parents of the animal are unknown. Therefore, it is calculated how many ancestors are known. This is expressed in the abbreviation ECG (Equivalent Complete Generations). This way you immediately know how valuable your information is. The ECG is calculated as follows:
Every ancestor has a certain value:
Parent animal: 0.5
Grandparent: 0.25
Great-grandparent: 0.125
Great-great-grandparents: 0.0625 etc.

The program adds all ancestors together. Suppose you know both parents of the animal, but have no further information, then the ECG is: 0.5 + 0.5 = 1. If all four grandparents are also known, the calculation is: 0.5 + 0, 5 + 0.25 + 0.25 + 0.25 + 0.25 = 2. But, for example, if you have grandparents on the mother’s side but the father’s parents are unknown, the ECG value will be 1.5. In short: the higher the number, the more precise the chance that the inbreeding percentage provides a good reflection of reality.

Pedigree completeness
The value in Completeness pedigree represents the number per animal how many complete generations are known. For example, if both the animal’s parents and all four of the animal’s grandparents are known, there are two complete generations. But suppose both parents of the animal are known, but only three grandparents, then only one complete generation is known.

The completeness of your pedigree says something about the value of the inbreeding percentage shown. The more generations of ancestors are known, the more reliable your inbreeding figures are. In addition, you can quickly see which data is still missing. For example, use the search function to show all animals with less than ten generations of complete family trees. Now you know very specifically which animals you can do research to find out all ancestors.

Difference between pedigree completeness and ECG
The numbers for Completeness of the pedigree and ECG can be the same. The ECG number shows how many ancestors are known in total. Each ancestor is included in the calculation. In the completeness pedigree only complete generations are counted. As soon as one ancestor is missing, the count stops there and this line is no longer counted in the number of complete generations.

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