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How can I assign a status color to an animal?

The step-by-step plan is as follows:

1. Click the menu Animals
2. Select an animal
3. Click the tab Status color
4. To assign a status color: Click the option Custom or to remove a status color: Click the option Default

5. If you have chosen the option Custom, you can specify the desired status color in different ways:
a. by dragging the little circles in the color ring and/or the colored square
b. by using the Red, Green, and Blue sliders
c. by manually entering the RGB-values

The latter is useful if you want to give different animals exactly the same status color. Save the RGB values for later entry for the other animals with the same status.
In the example row(s) at the top of this window you can see the set color.

6. Click Save

In animal lists and in pedigrees, the registration number of this animal is now shown in the assigned color.

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