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How do I add a column to my list of animals?

The step-by-step plan is as follows:

For this, you need an extra field. If that field is not yet present in your administration, you will have to add it first.

As an example we assume that you have added an extra field Cage nr. This field can be shown as a column in the list of animals as follows:
1. Click the menu Management
2. Click the tab Settings
3. Click the sub tab Columns
4. Scroll down and find Cage nr
5. Select the check mark for Cage nr

The minimum required width of this column depends on the number of digits of the cage number. A width of 16 is enough for 2 digits.
6. Enter the following information:
Width = 16
7. Click Save

The Cage nr column is now at the top of the list as the last of the checked columns. You can now move the column to another place on the screen:
8. Select Cage Nr
9. Click the up arrow repeatedly until the column name is on the desired location
10. Click Save

The column name Cage nr is much longer than the width of the column and is therefore truncated. When you place the cursor on the abbreviated column name, the whole name is displayed.

You must have read this explanation first:

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