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How do I create a user account?

The step-by-step plan is as follows:

First you have to make sure there is a suitable role for the new account:
1. Click the menu Management
2. Click the tab Base tables
3. Click the arrow of the drop down menu and click on Roles

As you can see there is already a role for Manager which we will use in this example:
4. Click the tab Accounts
5. Click the tab List
6. Click Add
7. Click the button […] and select the person
8. Enter the e-mailadres of the person
9. Select the role Manager
10. Click Save
A pop-up screen appears where you can choose to notify the user in their own language.

11. Click the drop down menu and select the wanted language. In this case we’ll leave it to English.
12. Click the button OK

Login data are send directly to the e-mail address of the selected person. With this the new user will be able to login.

The explanation is meant for the level: Starter, Starter

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