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Introducing: Harm-Jan

Introducing: Harm-Jan

Date: September 7, 2023

We’re glad to welcome a new colleague at ZooEasy, Harm-Jan is joining our team! He introduces himself below:


My name is Harm-Jan, I work as a tester at ZooEasy. I already knew Erik from other projects and working with him was always very pleasant. There are now a number of major extensions for the ZooEasy application underway, and these must be extensively tested. A good reason to work as a tester at ZooEasy for two days a week. In addition, I’m setting up ‘automated testing’ at ZooEasy, which makes testing new releases easier and more efficient. This is done with a kind of robot that automatically executes test scenarios, so that everything does not have to be entered manually. The robot logs in at the touch of a button, creates animals, sets up pedigrees and combines the animals that are a match. This way we can maintain the software properly and continuously optimize it.


As a tester I spend a lot of time behind my computer. That’s why I like to go outside in my spare time. I live with my family, two cats and a few quails in Germany in a village with mountains and forests around me, so the ideal place for hiking. I also like going to Spain, where I restore a remote village in the mountains together with friends, family and volunteers.