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Price changes in ZooEasy subscriptions, modules and services

Price changes in ZooEasy subscriptions, modules and services

Date: January 31, 2020

To optimize our services and the user experience of our customers, a number of changes have to be made. For example, we have to invest in our server park to maintain speed, security and disk space, but also in the further development of new functions in ZooEasy Online to meet your wishes (see our roadmap of 2020)

To make these changes possible and to expand our services some increase of prices are needed. We inform you in this newsitem about which price increases we are implementing from today for ZooEasy Online.

Change in subscriptions

We work hard to make the user experience as optimal as possible, so we can meet the wishes and needs of our customers. This means that we continue to improve our product and services. To make these changes possible, we have to implement a price increase for the subscriptions. All amounts are based on a monthly subscription, including VAT. Are you using the annual subscription? Then 20% will be deducted on the total sum.

Description Old price New price 
Management account (*) € 10,- per month € 11,- per month
Breeder account € 1,25 per month € 1,40 per month
Lees account € 0,50 per month € 0,70 per month
Multi user subscription € 15,- per month € 17,00 per month

(*) This applies to additional purchased accounts

Maintenance costs

For the management, administration and further development of paid modules, annual maintenance costs shall be charged. Below are the amounts that apply. All amounts are based on a monthly subscription and include VAT. Here too a discount of 20% applies to the total sum with an annual subscription.

Description Old price New price 
Module Cooperation between organizations free € 95,- per year (*)
Module Waiting list free € 125,- per year
Module Breeding application free € 125,- per year

(*) Per participating organization

Terms and conditions

In addition to the price increase on subscriptions, accounts and maintenance costs, it is stated in our Terms and Conditions (Article 8, paragraph 7) that the costs for our services will automatically increased on January 1st of each calendar year. This according to the index figure, published by the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). Until today, we have never implemented this increase. But are going to implement this from January 1st, 2021.

Date price increase are effective

The new prices apply from today. You can view your subscription costs by logging in to ZooEasy Online. Then click on “My subscription” and choose “Renew”.

If you have questions about the price increase, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.