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Project Green Schools

Project Green Schools

Date: January 10, 2024

Did you know that in addition to breed associations, individual breeders and petting zoos, among others, schools can also use ZooEasy? There are several institutions in the Netherlands that provide ‘green education’. This refers to schools that focus on education in the animal and nature related fields. Examples include courses such as horticulture, business manager in the agricultural sector, animal care employee, veterinary technician, etc. 


These green schools also keep different types of animals as part of their curriculum, which students learn to work with. This includes breeding different animals and storing and maintaining animal data. This makes ZooEasy ideally suited as an animal management program for green schools! Not only does ZooEasy efficiently and completely store and maintain animal data, it also teaches students the importance of proper record keeping and registration.

For example, one of our customers is MBO Terra, a green school with three branches in the northeast of the Netherlands. They have been using ZooEasy as an animal management program to manage the data of their animals since 2013. And Tectura Tuinbouwschool Melle, a green school in Belgium has been using ZooEasy since 2019. 

In order to serve our school clients even better, ZooEasy was present at the training day of the National Platform Animal, organized on November 30th 2023. This day’s theme was “animal care in the future”. In addition, we plan to start a focus group with representatives from green schools. In doing this, we hope to get an even better idea of how ZooEasy can best meet the needs of green schools. An exciting project we’re looking forward to this year!