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ZooEasy at GD Living Lab day for students HVHL

ZooEasy at GD Living Lab day for students HVHL

Date: February 14, 2024

On Tuesday, February 13, ZooEasy attended the Living Lab day, organized at Royal GD in Deventer. During this day, four companies, namely Anymal, VHL Genetics, HELTIEhorse and ZooEasy, introduced themselves to a group of students from Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences through a short company presentation. At three of these companies, students were eligible to complete a study assignment focused on the equine sector. ZooEasy is one of the three companies where a study assignment is available to the students. 


The first presentation was given by Emiel Schiphorst of Anymal. He talked about the company Anymal and how the Anymal app can be used. Also discussed was the winning study assignment from the previous Living Lab day; the link between Anymal and Het Woud. This allows users of the Anymal app to order a manure test at Het Woud for their horse(s), through the Anymal app.


The second presentation was given by the company VHL Genetics. VHL is a well-known provider of various non-human DNA tests. Pet owners, livestock farmers, plant nurseries and others can order DNA tests from VHL for research. Examples include research into hereditary diseases or traits such as coat length and color, recording DNA profiles, the presence of diseases or, for example, certain genetic resistance. As part of their study assignment at VHL, a number of students will explore the possibility of establishing a link between VHL and the Anymal app.


The third presentation was provided by ZooEasy. The presentation explained exactly what ZooEasy does, what possibilities a ZooEasy database offers customers, and what the benefits are. We are pleased to announce that four students will carry out their study assignment at ZooEasy. They will study how equine studbook associations could make use of ZooEasy.

The fourth and final presentation of the day was provided by HELTIEhorse. HELTIEhorse is a Dutch company that produces various herbal and mineral supplements for horses and dogs. These remedies such as nettle tincture or liquid silicon, for example, are given to promote health and contain natural ingredients. The students doing their assignments at HELTIEhorse will deal with how the various supplements work. 


After the presentations, the students made their choice at which company they wanted to do their assignment. This was followed by an interesting tour at Royal GD. The attendees were shown around the laboratory and updated on the research being conducted there. They also visited the autopsy room. Here, deceased cattle are examined to determine the cause of death and the presence of bacteria or viruses. Around 15.30 the tour was over and the afternoon came to an end.


We look back on a very successful day and are very curious about the results of the study assignments. On June 20, the results will be presented, again at Royal GD. We are looking forward to it!