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Date: September 9, 2020

Many ZooEasy Stand-alone users experience difficulty when switching to ZooEasy Online. And that is understandable! ZooEasy Online is a different product and works differently in many ways, so it takes time to get used to it. We found that, due to this, many users have the same questions. Some of these questions were already resolved […]


Date: June 11, 2020

Since June 8, the new functionality “status color” is live! A nice functionality to visually distinguish animals with colors. With this you can, for example, mark animals that are carriers of a hereditary disease. If you have marked an animal, the chosen color will be visible in the lists and in the pedigrees. This gives […]


Date: June 9, 2020

“For registration, seven different systems are used in the Netherlands that process data from the ‘Bonte Schaap’ breed. It concerns three organizations with their own software systems and four suppliers of software packages. Data from with the software registered animals was not exchanged. The different authorities do not cooperate and hardly communicate about the data. […]


Date: June 8, 2020

After a morning of hard work we are proud to announce that we are back in the air! You can login to your own administration and see the differences! The following changes can be noticed: Browsing back and forward in Animal pedigree. Quick search on year of birth. 3 new, ancestor related, calculations. Animal statuscolor. […]


Date: June 2, 2020

On June 8 we are taking a new release of ZooEasy Online into production. In this release we will implement a number of changes (see release notes). To be able to do this ZooEasy Online is not available from June 8 8:00 am until June 8 12:00 am.   As soon as these activities start, […]


Date: April 17, 2020

Do you use the Online version? Then this message does not apply to you. We stopped selling the ZooEasy Stand Alone version since last year. From that moment on we only sell the ZooEasy Online version. We have indicated in previous messages that we would stop the helpdesk support on the ZooEasy Stand alone version […]


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