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Collaboration between ZooEasy and Anymal

Collaboration between ZooEasy and Anymal

Date: July 4, 2023

Team ZooEasy has been looking for a way to offer ZooEasy on mobile for some time now. In addition to using it on a tablet and laptop or PC, it would of course be very useful to be able to use ZooEasy as an app on a mobile phone. For example, we’ve had a meeting with a number of ZooEasy customers and Anymal employees about linking the Anymal mobile app to ZooEasy (https://any-mal.com/).


The Anymal App originated from an innovation award from the GD (Health Service for Animals). The app has been developed for pet keepers, especially hobbyists. In Anymal, owners can record information about their animals in an animal profile. In the Anymal App, owners easily enter events and treatments to have a practical animal overview. In addition, there is a reminder function, where users receive notifications when it is time for a vaccination, for example. It’s therefore very useful to be able to combine this information with all information of an owner’s animals known in ZooEasy!


On Thursday afternoon, June 22, during a meeting at the GD office in Deventer, ideas were exchanged about what a collaboration between ZooEasy and Anymal could look like. What can both parties offer each other, how can they complement and strengthen each other? Representatives from various parties were present at this meeting. In addition to employees of ZooEasy and Anymal, there were also board members of dog breed associations and studbook associations for sheep, goats, cows, pigs and alpaca breeders. Petting zoos were also represented.


While enjoying a snack and drink, all those present actively contributed to the presentation and questions. The subject of the discussion was, among other things, what the most important advantages and functions of ZooEasy and Anymal are, which ZooEasy functions people would like to see reflected in Anymal, what Anymal should offer to add value to ZooEasy, and what people especially do not want to see as a result of the cooperation.


From all the feedback, a number of desired functionalities emerged for a collaboration between ZooEasy and Anymal. Think, for example, of quickly looking up animal information, being able to take and upload photos, upload documents and add tasks and reminders. The attendees were enthusiastic about the potential collaboration. With these tips and information, we are therefore going to work to further shape this partnership. We will keep you informed of new developments!