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Faster calculations in ZooEasy

Faster calculations in ZooEasy

Date: February 1, 2019

When you add animals to ZooEasy, you will almost immediately see the inbreeding percentage, the AVK value and other percentages. The data provides additional insight into the inbreeding and relationships of your animals. How does this work?

Add an ancestor

Every time you add an animal to ZooEasy, the program checks all data behind the scenes to ensure that all the numbers are correct. These calculations are necessary because the relationship percentages can change when you add new animals. Certainly, when you add missing data to an animal’s family tree, such as ancestors, this can directly influence the inbreeding percentages of all younger animals.


When you add a new animal, ZooEasy automatically calculates the inbreeding, AVK and breed percentages. If you add a new combination, only the relationship percentage is determined. Also, all animals and combinations involved are recalculated.

Faster calculations

Since November, the program has been carrying out these calculations 24 hours a day for thousands of animals. Now, when you add a new animal, your calculation joins a virtual queue. Then, behind the scenes, one task at a time is carried out to administer your data, so that you can continue.

Nice to know

  • New calculations are completed within 25 seconds, on average.
  • 95% of the tasks were completed within one minute.
  • The longest task was a recalculation for a large administration and lasted 1 hour, 57 minutes and 18 seconds.
  • Most recalculations are for dogs. Owners of cows, birds, cats and alpacas are also very active in ZooEasy Online.
  • On average, associations are the most active on ZooEasy: 83% of all recalculations come from all associations because they update data more often.
  • On Sunday and Monday, breeders and associations are most active with their database.
  • Saturday is the quietest day of the week.