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United States Eurasier Club (USEC)

United States Eurasier Club (USEC)

Date: February 1, 2019

USEC members breed the “Eurasier Way” by putting love for their dogs first


“The Eurasier is a very special breed. This very nice-looking dog is a companion animal, incredibly intelligent, watchful, loving and fun”, says Sarah Paddock. Sarah fell in love with this breed over 10 years ago. She is the Database Administrator and Health Coordinator for the United States Eurasier Club, Inc. (USEC). The mission of the USEC, as a national Eurasier breed club, is to encourage and promote the quality of breeding purebred Eurasiers. “The USEC and its member breeders are dedicated to preserving this breed and maintaining a high standard of care and breeding by following the ‘Eurasier Way’ breeding principles. These principles were established by the breed’s founders. The ‘Eurasier Way’ breeding philosophy means all Eurasier breeders are hobby breeders and put the health and love for their dog(s), and inclusion within the family, above breeding considerations. The breeding dog and puppies live within the family environment as loved and valued family pets. Our breeders will only breed when they know they have a sufficient number of potential homes available, and are diligent in researching the best possible pairing for their breeding dogs. Health, temperament and maintaining the Eurasier standard are of utmost importance when breeding Eurasiers.”


Breeding with care

The USEC has roughly 15 breeder members, and focuses on health, temperament, inbreeding coefficient, and maintaining the FCI standard. All USEC breeders are responsible breeders and are keen to preserve the Eurasier breed. Sarah says: “All members take great care when considering a Eurasier mating. For every litter, we perform research on possible pairings, health information of the breeding dogs (including dogs within the lineage), and we complete all required health tests of the breeding dogs. We share mating information upon request, so members can make educated decisions about potential pairings, and choose the best mates possible. Once a mate has been identified and chosen, the breeding is reviewed by Directors of the USEC Board, and voted on. Those pairings that are found to be in compliance with USEC breeding requirements are issued a Litter Certificate, certifying that the litter has met the breeding requirements set forth by the USEC.”


Replace the old database with ZooEasy

The USEC has used ZooEasy for about one year now. “We chose ZooEasy because it seemed user friendly and has the capabilities we were looking for to replace our old database. We like the capability to customize fields to meet our club needs. We also really like the database being in the cloud, which allows several of our users to access it at any time. We also have the capability of providing access to the database by other users, including breeders, which could be very useful at a later date.” Sarah adds: “Our new ZooEasy database also generates the Litter Certificates that we send to breeders once their pairings have been reviewed.”


Tips for associations and clubs

Sarah advises associations and clubs who are new to ZooEasy to prepare for the implementation. “If I were starting again, I would have reviewed the standard database template and identified which fields we wanted to import, and those we didn’t need. I would also suggest arranging a training call or initial setup call to review what is of importance in your database, and how you want to navigate through the various records. Also consider what type of reports you will be creating and what fields these require. This will save time. I would also review the old database to see what information to import to the new database, and what data to discard. But all in all, our setup went pretty smoothly.”