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New project: automated breeding regulations check

New project: automated breeding regulations check

Date: April 12, 2024

At ZooEasy, we do our best to help our customers in every way we can. And our new project is a great example of that! We are busy researching a module for the automated checking of  breeding regulations.

Breeding Regulations

Most breed associations and studbooks have rules that their members must meet when breeding a litter. These rules and regulations cover, for example, the welfare of the dogs being bred, the limiting of inbreeding, and the health of the breeding stock.

Checking the regulations is a demanding job

When breeding a litter, the breeder must take into account all the applicable welfare and health regulations of his/her breed association. This requires great care when selecting a breeding combination. Results of mandatory health examinations and other supporting documents must be sent to the breed association when breeding a litter. The association then checks that the breeder is indeed complying with all the rules. This checking of the regulations is all manual labor for the volunteers of the association; a time-consuming and demanding job prone to human error.  

We need to be able to do this better!

At ZooEasy we know how much work this checking is and thought: there must be a better way! That is why we started researching the development of a module for this purpose. Using the information in ZooEasy, this module will automatically check whether each litter complies with the rules in the VFR. Both before the combination is made and afterwards when the litter is born. Useful for both individual breeders and for the breed club!

At the touch of a button

The module we have in mind will be able to automatically check whether a litter complies with the breeding regulations at the push of a button. A breeder or a volunteer of a breed association can quickly and easily create a trial breeding and check if it complies with regulations. The trial breedingpair can be created by entering the pedigree number of the male and the pedigree number of the female and pressing the button ‘Regulations check’. An overview is then displayed which shows exactly in which areas the combination does or does not meet the breeding regulations.

The module can also show afterwards with a symbol or color in the litter overview which litters did or did not meet the regulations. In this way associations that perform their check after litters are born can also see at a glance which litters were bred according to the rules and which were not.



Would you like to know more? Then feel free to contact us! Interested associations can contact us for a customized presentation showing how the module can be used for your association. In the presentation we can also tell you more about what the costs are; these are custom determined for each association. So don’t wait too long and contact us!